Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Cue the familiar and unchallenging classical music

The refrigerator at Casa Dos Pedros is having trouble keeping temperatures down at an appropriately preservative level. I'm not exactly sure what's happened between this summer and last, but it's now acting exactly like the one this one replaced a couple of years ago. The going theory is that the thermostat is going, with a subheader noting that there is a distinct lack of grounded outlets in my apartment and kitchen. Neither the warmish fridge nor the questionable power issues are making me happy.

Also not making me happy is the fact that I am stuck in my windowless office on what, on first glance, appeared to have all of the makings of Summer's Best DayTM. Today's exactly the kind of day to be driving around in rolling country in a vintage British convertable with a picnic basket and a bottle of good wine to share with that special someone who just happens to be in the seat next to you. I could keep that image running for a while, but I know a few of you would lose patience very quickly when the baby deer emerge from the forest and bluebirds alight on our shoulders.

What do you have against baby deer?

The question of the day, though, has nothing to do with idyllic days nor decaying appliances. Quite simply, how is it that I can manage to engage in all manner of tedium when it doesn't actually mean anything, but will do everything in my power to avoid it when there's something real at stake? Ponder these things and opine below. In the meantime, I will procrastinate some more.

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