Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

My luck's like a button, I can't stop pushing it

Many of your comments regarding today's poll have addressed its apparently binary nature. While it's likely that a scaled response or a checklist would have allowed a representation of your thoughts that was more comprehensive, or at least more fair, I really wasn't looking for comprehensive or fair. Yes, everyone wants to be with someone who can make them laugh and who is honest. That goes without saying, so much so that putting the two on a scaled response doesn't really reveal anything. As someone said, "I want it all."

Well, yes. That's precisely why I asked you to choose between appealing options.

Under no circumstances did I assume that there were "right" answers or that the choices were truly either/or. The idea was to present two qualities that may be attractive in a potential mate and then to ask which was the more appealing. The options were not necessarily correlated, and I didn't ask which was more important because that would have strongly implied a value judgement. I also didn't expect that your answers would be in any way definitive or that you saw the unchosen options as undesirable.

I don't know that any approach to the question of attraction is going to be satisfactory, if only beacause you are being asked to think consciously about something that has, on so many levels, nothing to do with conscious thought. I do apologize if I gave the wrong impression or if I somehow caused offense. I had hoped to inspire thought and discussion, nothing more.

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