Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Who's the monkey now?

I saw the "My Name Is" google search idea for the very first time last night on cosmicserpent’s journal. He claimed that it was something that he had stolen from the rest of the world, so I guess I truly have been living under a rock. Regardless, I thought it was kind of clever, and some of the things that turned up were unexpectedly funny.

The process is simple... you simply go to google and do a search under "[Your Name Here] is," like this.

Peter is a terminally sad gear junkie
Peter is used by local authorities
Peter is anxious to return to Halifax
Peter is now pursuing new avenues to his career
Peter is the Rock
Peter is now a Visiting Professor of Law
Peter is the most difficult
Peter is active
Peter is a terrific addition to downtown
Peter is currently working
Peter is on
Peter is walking on water
Peter is an internationally known author
Peter is back on board
Peter is not going to pay
Peter is mentioned
Peter is traditionally believed
Peter is a registered CoPulist, software gardener and GreenCheese artist
Peter is responsible
Peter is a visual programming tool
Peter is very excited
Peter is no exception
Peter is the host
Peter is looking
Peter is at his most captivating
Peter is a monkey
Peter is often seen
Peter is an exponent of world percussion
Peter is not deceitful or false
Ever wonder who Peter is?

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