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Verily summer has come, for there is pie.

Drew and I ventured to the famed 2nd Circle last night because agoodshinkickin and I had to make strawberry rhubarb pie. Drew disagrees, but as far as I’m concerned, summer does not begin until I’ve had a taste of the tangy-sweet goop that fills this most profound of fruit pies. To make his point, Drew made mention of such things as peach cobbler or cherry pie as being the true harbingers of the warm season, but I have pronounced him infidel (or at least hailing from a more southerly state.)

Rhubarb is scarcer in this city than it should be.

Joe made crust. We had dinner and gabbed. Pie was a superb first effort. It was a bit messy (too much fruit, maybe?) and Joe said that he thought it should be sweeter, but Ms_E and I were very happy with the results. Next time I will try to have my grandmother’s recipe on hand, just for the sake of. Her crust is not nearly as easy to make, but I think it’s more robust and I seem to recall it soaking some of the flavor into its flaky goodness.

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