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Outside, you can see the difference
On the train home yesterday, I sat across from two absolutely adorable French girls who spent their trip demonstrating for their mother just how best to use an empty Filene's shopping bag. After an extensive discussion en français about bag-as-bib and bag-as-cape, the eldest put both feet in the bag, stood up and hopped three times in rapid succession, saying "hop hop hop" while she did it.

I just about melted. Moreso when, as they were leaving the train at Harvard and one of the girls got confused over the direction of exit, her sister called to her in a singsong voice, "À gauche. À gauche." For moments like these, I'd be willing to become a father and move to another country. Way too cute.


Inside, you can feel the difference
Is anyone outside Casa Dos Pedros watching Who Wants To Be a Superhero? Yes, yes... it's cheese-tastic, what with Stan Lee doing his paternal Great And Powerful Oz routine and his seemingly arbitrary choices for eliminations. I admit that. Still, the series has surprised me both for its entertainment value and for just how much I've come to care about what is going to happen - even after my two favorites have gotten the axe.

I'm not trying to convince you to become fans, though. What I wanted to touch on was what happened to Feedback when his comicbook cover was unveiled. There was a stretch of 10-20 seconds or so where he was so taken by what he saw, so swept up in watching this one piece of his fantasy becoming real, that he lost all composure. Admittedly, Feedback has spent most of the series looking as though he's been blowing out synapses every week, but this was different. Pete described it as Feedback shedding twenty years in an instant. He was so consumed by wonder that he quite literally travelled back in time.

It was enviable.


Dragons, the policeman knew, were supposed to breathe, to breath fire, fire, to breathe fire
Of course, this is about where I start looking as though I'm blowing out synapses every week. Thanks to beatnikside, I now know that Weta Workshops is releasing a very limited series of steampunk-esque rayguns. We can finally begin preparing for the inevitable robot uprising! RAYGUNS!

20 July 06 - "When I received my ManMelter for use on my trip to the rain forests of Vasplurgia, I blew my left leg off at the hip. Marvelous invention!" -Major. Alfred Beardlington

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