Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Why my involvement with found_objects is limited

An image of a stack of porn mags with the statement, "I found these at work" is thought to be the height of hilarity.

A defaced sign that went from Mill Cafe to Milf Cafe is also thought terribly clever. There's no indication that the poster didn't draw in the horizonal lines to form the head f herself.

I post a pic of an unmodified "Hot Long Peppers" sign in the Whole Foods produce section, and am greeted with a chorus of "I don't get it" and "Is there art happening here?" not to mention someone who, though notably silent on the other items mentioned, took it upon himself to toss out a Beavis/Butthead crack in response to the shot.

"Hot Long Peppers" is arguably representative of that peculiar aspect of my sense of humor that still enjoys the occasional fart joke, and that in mind, I'd have a hard time justifying it as art. Despite this, it was a rare submission (for me) of a type that has clear precedent in the community, and one that was entirely unaltered and pictured in its original context. True to form with found objects, it will either speak to you or not, and no, I don't care to explain it or justify it further.

I should probably not worry about it and leave them to their "I found a fish on the beach" and "I found beads under my bed" posts.

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