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Peter & Maria I

This was found in the parking lot of a convenience store some two years ago and is here pictured entirely out of context. The card has a story to tell.

Peter & Maria II

Thank you for your
support and kindness
this past week. Thank
you for helping me
through one of the most
traumatic, emotional,
confusing and difficult
time of my life.

I thank you for your
kindness + backing me
up in my decision
when you weren't certain
that my decision was
for the best.

I'm sorry if I hurt
you in the decision I
made. Please believe me

when I tell you that
your fitness for the role
you would play had
no bearing on my decision.
I based my decision
on myself and my
weeknesses Maybe I
should have considered
you more in my decision,
but I truly believed
it would more burden you
than benefit you at
this time.

I ask myself every
day, every other minute
whether I made the right
decision. It was the most
difficult decision I have

ever made.

Thank you for the
love, support and kindness
you have showed.
Thank you for not
making me feel

Thank you for putting
my feelings before
your own.

Although I have
seen you the least
during the past few
months, I have never
felt closer to you or
anyone else.

I love you, Maria"


Although I share a name with the addressee, I don't know either person from this correspondence.

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