Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows


Good morning and welcome to my second cup of me mum's coffee. I don't normally indulge, but she makes a good brew and it looks as though I'll be buzzing all day anyway. Since I am very clever, I am fueling the fire.

I am now in the possession of what may only be described as a metric buttload of peaches, a similar quantity of fresh rhubarb, and various and sundry items from the small garden including two different varieties of cucumber and a squash that looks suspiciously like a pumpkin. I may have my hands full for the rest of the weekend finding ways to make use of these things properly.

It's not certain but extremely likely that my folks will find more things to load into my car afore I leave. I'm doing my very best to keep to the 12PM departure time so I can make Paul's 'cue. Already have plans for a rhubarb crisp when I get there.

See? Clever. Clever like bull.

The new housemate is moving in today. I'm hoping everything will be alright despite not having the front room mucked out. Given the sheer levels of technology being introduced to the house, I'm guessing that this will need to be done sooner than later. I'm fretting more over the fact that the new wireless setup seems to drop signal randomly, and I've no idea if this is a function of the router or if my wireless card isn't playing nice. Expertise in this area is requested as I will continue to protest being a Luddite despite my fascination with technological marvels. A steampunk is me!

ETA: Holy carp the peaches are tasty...

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