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Guido's been calling me a "hillbilly"

I learned yesterday that one of my colleagues used to play banjo for a bluegrass outfit. He’s since moved on to different instruments and plays mostly Irish traditional in pub sessions now, but he’s still interested in American "roots music." He knows a young woman who’s played banjo with Gillian Welch (jams, not performances unfortunately), and got very excited when I shared that she’d be in town. It’s entirely possible that we’ll see him and K at the show on Thursday.

It might be terrible (or at least openly mercenary) of me, but the first thing that crossed my mind when we were talking about B’s secondhand ties to Gillian was whether I could finagle some sort of backstage experience. I think his links to the Irish music crowd are stronger (he was asked onstage when the Chieftans played Symphony Hall), but I don’t think the fantasy was entirely outside of the realm of possibility. Still, I feel a little guilty about having my mind fall so quickly upon personal gain.

Of course, I said nothing.

I did mention Drew’s interest in picking up the banjo, and that that had spurred some weird impulse in me to try fiddle again. I’m horribly UN-dextrous, though, and tend to feel like things that are easy for real musicians are just incomprehensible to me. Future plan, though... I’ve much on my plate right now.

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