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Iron Chef - March 4, 2007

Our chefs have twice now risen to the challenge, focusing their creative energies to craft sublime dishes from the simplest of ingredients. Their efforts have pleased judges and guests alike, and brought honor to this kitchen stadium.

The surprises of Leek Battle have inspired a slightly different approach to this round. You have shown what you are capable of when allowed to express yourselves through a single ingredient. Your dishes have had all the the intricacy and color of improvisational jazz, and your creations have flourished in this freedom from form. For this battle, I wish to see not what you can do with specific ingredient, but rather what you are able to create while confined to a single dish. The first weekend in March, jazz gives way to rockabilly.

This month's theme is:


Texas Red, New Mexico Green, or perhaps something crazy that we've not even begun to consider... all these things are open to you. Just make it rock.

Plating begins at 1PM on Sunday afternoon, and competitors are encouraged to scale for tasting portions. Judges are encouraged to come hungry. A selection of beverages will be available should you choose to pair your dish. (Suggestions on this front are appreciated.) If competitors have access to crockpots, their use is strongly encouraged since I have all of four burners available. All other rules are available here.

SPECIAL NOTE: It's Pablo's b-day on the 5th, but you didn't hear it here.
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