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Lenten devotions, day 2 - A little less than a happy high — LiveJournal
Lenten devotions, day 2
2-2 2-3 2-4
2-6 2-7 2-10
2-12 2-13 2-14
2-16 2-18 2-20

2-1 2-5 2-8
2-9 2-11 2-15
2-17 2-19

Click any image to access the larger version(s) on my flickr site.

I feel as though I'm walking a labyrinth. Yesterday I saw a minotaur. He had very cool glasses.
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plumtreeblossom From: plumtreeblossom Date: February 22nd, 2007 01:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
The one of the people shopping in Lambert's really appeals. It has a certain warmth to it. Makes me wish I was there.
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 03:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Can you believe that I've yet to see Anthony Bourdain?
plumtreeblossom From: plumtreeblossom Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
WHAT?!?! You, of all people? Oh my goodness, go right to YouTube and do a search by his name. He's all over the site, even some good footage that didn't make it to TV. (Note: not especially worksafe due to his potty-mouth.)
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
I know! It's so crazy.

I did one better. I put him on my Tivo queue.
tigermilkdrunk From: tigermilkdrunk Date: February 22nd, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
These are great. I'm glad to see you posting more photos, too.
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you.

I am too. Sometimes I get too obsessed with the perfect shot/idea/whatever and everything just stops flowing. The exercise spoke to me, and when it's done I'll have tripled my flickr presence.
faux_eonix From: faux_eonix Date: February 22nd, 2007 02:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your camera skillz make me jealous.
There are a few that I really like, but 2-8 really jumped out at me.

komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
I had no idea what I was shooting when I took that. I poked the camera over a fence and that's what I got.

Thanks. ^^
watchamacallit From: watchamacallit Date: February 22nd, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
Pictures of lost gloves (if that's what those are) always make me sad.
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 03:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah. It looked like they were put down and then left when the bus came. No one at all was around.
starflow From: starflow Date: March 4th, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
I like them. Did you pick them up by any chance?
komos From: komos Date: March 5th, 2007 03:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
I didn't. 'Course I didn't know you were in the market for a pair.
starflow From: starflow Date: March 5th, 2007 03:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I should go buy some new ones one of these days, but I keep forgetting!
bushidokelt From: bushidokelt Date: February 22nd, 2007 02:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
is that a Moon cake in the shape of a pig? I've been looking for these, and a chinese woman told me that I had it all wrong. She said moon cakes were for the autumn festival.
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 03:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
I don't know if it's a moon cake, but it is a cake in the shape of a pig. The bakery I was at has two sizes, and they're displayed next to cakes that are decorated to look like puffer fish. Those are really cool.
(Deleted comment)
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks so much.

If you're game, I'd like to get some shots of you at some point. Nothing crazy, I promise. ^^
(Deleted comment)
komos From: komos Date: February 23rd, 2007 04:00 pm (UTC) (Link)


It's more than I would have asked, but sure, if you want.
cosmicserpent From: cosmicserpent Date: February 22nd, 2007 04:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
These look very nice. I know I'd have a difficult time doing this project; not the taking of the pictures, the downloading and posting of them!
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
The first post was a bear, but now that the structure is in place it's a lot easier. There's a fair amount of time I need to devote to processing, but it's not too taxing and I can do it while I'm watching my stories.
why_style From: why_style Date: February 22nd, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
i really like 2-7, and i think it makes an interesting pair with 2-2 - definitely something abou the two of them suggests a theme to me. also, i think you have a very good eye for repitition. i really enjoy seeing your photography posted here, and i look forward to the next 360.

being as i've been a bit disassociated from life lately, i've had a hard time keeping up with everything on lj and responding in a timely manner, but i did want to say that i think this whole thing is a really cool idea. there's something to be said for just pumping out product without worrying to much about quality. i've encountered similar excercises in writing classes and even had an assignment like this in an art class in college where we had to take a roll of film (yeah, it's been that long) between each class for a couple weeks. i've also tried to give myself similar assignments with music where i try to write a song every day for a month just to see what kind of ideas come out. it may end up being a lot of junk (and i'm definitely NOT suggesting anything about your photos here, only my own efforts), but i've found the biggest benefit for me with this type of thing is really just the discipline to make time for something i really enjoy. and that one jewel i might find in the bunch is well worth it in the end.
komos From: komos Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:48 pm (UTC) (Link)
Heh. I'm glad someone caught that.

I think we've talked about this before, but I'm really fond of finding visual patterns and repetition. It's not just for the sake of pointing out convergences. There's a real sense of discovery the comes with it, almost as though I've been gifted with hearing the harmony of the spheres for a brief moment.
schizohedron From: schizohedron Date: February 22nd, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
>that one jewel i might find in the bunch is well worth it in the end.

this was exactly my feeling. it's not as easy to perceive that the jewel might even be there until you start. starting is the first step to finding it. and finding the first one makes you eager to discover the next.
stochasticgirl From: stochasticgirl Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

I really love that one of the people standing in front of the produce at Lambert's.

(Yes, I am still reading along!)
komos From: komos Date: February 23rd, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Most of the time, Downtown Crossing just feels cold and impersonal. Lambert's, with its perpetual browsing and fast talking vendors just flies in the face of that. It's an anchor to a different reality.

I'm glad to hear it. I have no issue with anyone choosing who they're reading at any given time, whatever the reason. Still, being judged as 'emotionally detached' and 'writing about nothing' when I'm posting about my passions or sharing my fledging creative attempts stings a bit.
schizohedron From: schizohedron Date: February 24th, 2007 03:53 am (UTC) (Link)
Good job in 2-6 of photographing that chap! I wonder if he was thinking of taking your picture when you managed to snap his first?

I'm not even sure what 2-8 is, but I find that blue very attractive.

I have a connection to 2-10, in that there are some century-old apartment buildings in the part of Chelsea where I work that have some detailed reliefs, including some Green Man renditions sculpted by unknown hands. Other carvings are 5 or 6 stories up, and I've gotten to work juuuust a little late craning my neck to scrutinize them.

Speaking of architectural details, I love the ones on the foreground building in 2-7. Great contrast with the skyscraper of the modern world, and of course that lovely sky.

Even if you have to go to the cellphone camera, I'm dying to see what comes next. Great work!!
komos From: komos Date: February 25th, 2007 10:45 pm (UTC) (Link)


HHe was shooting a streetside vendor when I focused on him, and this is him fleeing the scene.

2-8 is a bunch of pipe taken from above and blind. I just had a sense that there was something interesting on the other side of the fence.

2-7 is the Chinatown gate again.

I'm still considering the crappy camphone interlude. Possibly. Possibly.
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