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Lenten devotions, day 2 - A little less than a happy high — LiveJournal
Lenten devotions, day 2
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stochasticgirl From: stochasticgirl Date: February 22nd, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

I really love that one of the people standing in front of the produce at Lambert's.

(Yes, I am still reading along!)
komos From: komos Date: February 23rd, 2007 03:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
Most of the time, Downtown Crossing just feels cold and impersonal. Lambert's, with its perpetual browsing and fast talking vendors just flies in the face of that. It's an anchor to a different reality.

I'm glad to hear it. I have no issue with anyone choosing who they're reading at any given time, whatever the reason. Still, being judged as 'emotionally detached' and 'writing about nothing' when I'm posting about my passions or sharing my fledging creative attempts stings a bit.
26 comments or Leave a comment