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Kid just loves him some cows

One thin dime

In 1936, the Hoover Dam was completed and began generating electricity for Los Angeles. FDR was elected in a landslide victory to a second term of office. Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics. The Spanish Civil War began, and American volunteers of the "Abraham Lincoln Brigade" sailed from New York to fight with the Spanish Republicans. John McCain (yes, that guy) was born in the US-controlled Panama Canal Zone, and Rudyard Kipling slipped from this mortal coil. The US mint churned out another series of "Mercury-head" dimes, one of which is currently sitting next to me as I'm typing

Were you to ask a collector, I'm sure the coin would be deemed worthless. It's worn to the point where surface scratches have been obscured by the same mirror-smooth polish that has begun to replace the coin's intended details. Such polish comes only from long use, the coin having passed through countless hands as it found its way through the events of the better part of the twentieth century. There is, of course, no way to know where it's been or who may have contributed to the slow wear of the coin's silver. It's hard even to imagine what this milimeter thick relic has been through as it remained in circulation through the terms of twelve presidents and the length of at least six wars (depending on how you count them.)

I've never really taken a close look at a pre-FDR dime, and I was surprised to see the rear face adorned with a fasces. It's most likely that the intent of the design was to invoke "strength through unity" implied in the symbol, and given that the fasces has seen pretty wide use otherwise it would be difficult to make much of its appearence here, even if it was from this same icon which the Italian Fascists took their name. The design was phased out after 1945 to be replaced by the more familiar coin that honors FDR.

I've got hold of a time traveller.

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