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Kid just loves him some cows

It's here.

By the middle of spring, it's hard not to let the mind stray to what the next season will hold. The longer days and warming weather bring us again and again to summer's promise. For me, nothing conveys the feel of summer's laziest days as a well fired grill and the seared goodness that it inevitably produces.

For May's battle, I've decided that our chefs will be asked demonstrate for us that simple is not necessarily easy. Our theme ingredient is common, widely defined, and open to a seemingly endless number of possibilities. Yes, grilling is one treatment, but not nearly the end of what might be done.

This month's theme is:


You will choose your favorite cut as well as what best to do with it. Affordable and good cuts are available at McKinnon's in Davis Square, and Casa de Carnes in Union Square. If these are too far afield and you're looking for more local recs, let me know and I'll do some legwork to help you out.

Plating begins at 3PM on Saturday afternoon, and competitors are encouraged to scale for tasting portions. Judges are encouraged to come hungry. A selection of beverages will be available should you choose to pair your dish. (Suggestions on this front are appreciated.) All other rules are available here.
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