Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Sorry for laughing

The use of the phrase "hookers and blow" in LJ Poll #994387 is for purposes of parody only, and in no way indicates or implies that the author of this journal or any of the poll’s respondents condone, support or accept the illegal activities suggested by the phrase or the terms therein, or that any of the above referenced parties currently use, have once used or will in the future use any service or substance identified or alluded to by the terms contained therein or by any known arrangement, permutation or facsimile of said phrase or terms. Further, under no circumstances shall any inclusion of or reference to "hookers," "blow," "hookers and blow" or any synonym or usage related to the identified or implied activities, services or substances which appear in the interests section of the userinfo page of the author of this journal or of any of the poll’s respondents be construed as support for, acceptance of or intention to participate in illegal activities of any sort.
Tags: hookers & blow

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