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Today's bout with paranoia and despair

According to WWF’s most recent Living Planet Report, the state of the Earth’s ecosystems has declined by about 33 percent over the past 30 years. Simultaneously, the strain on natural resources has increased by approximately 50 percent. At this rate, it is believed that we could reach a resource deficit in the next 30-50 years of catastrophic proportions. It is projected that "unless governments take urgent action, by 2030, human welfare, as measured by average life expectancy, educational level, and world economic product will go into decline."

Want to learn more? Go here.

In the meantime, recycling is on the decline. Many municipalities are finding that it’s more cost-effective to haul certain recyclables to the landfill than to actually process them. To make matters worse, there’s a growing sense that people have "too little time" to bother with recycling. So while more households than ever are being served by recycling programs, there is actually less recycling going on.


Oh, and here’s something that will further brighten your day. It’s a closer look at the so-called "PATRIOT" Act, which provides Attorney General John Ashcroft with special powers... you might even say political powers. Nothing like a little extra-legal entitlement to start you thinking about old Joe McCarthy and the Red Scare.

Today’s program has been brought to you by, your source for Camera/Shy, the anti-censorship software.
Update: My firewall no longer allows me to access this site... I'm guessing because of the encryption protocols that are purportedly available to make problematic sites seem innocuous. Someone burn me a copy, k?

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