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Give us a sense

Gods, but it’s been a long time.

I’ve been discovering over about the past week that left to my own devices, I can actually do a reasonable job of maintaining a household. I can even do it relatively painlessly if I pace myself, taking a mix of downtime and chores. Every night, I’ve been doing about three "house" things and running a couple of errands on top of walking the dog. Even with this level of activity, I still have time to eat, catch Buffy if I so choose, and play a couple of Warcraft missions.

On a pure "meeting of base needs" level, life is pretty good. I could use more sex, but I don’t think that particular complaint is at all uncommon.

In other random thoughts, I like having a dog around. Although they require more attention and care than cats do, I’m starting to think that the increased responsibility is a good thing for me. Having to get up in the morning and return home at night has made me more aware of the passage of time. My days have definitive beginnings and ends, and I find that I’m wasting a lot less time than I would normally. Additionally, having a kind of structure imposed on my time has me beginning to appreciate S. Benedict’s ideas behind a strictly ordered day. The Big D just has far less of a chance to take hold.

Warcraft III is incredibly cool. Sadly, I think what I’m liking best is that I’ve not become an addict.* I find the game interesting, entertaining, and beautifully done. I'm still at a point where I see things in the game with wonder and amazement... it feels good. For some reason, Blizzard games tend to circumvent my jaded cynicism and let me access the kid inside.

*This may have something to do with the fact that I’m not very good... or that I've not been dragged into the fun of getting beat up by cosmicserpent on B-Net.

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