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The reason why I usually don’t read beat poetry before bed...

I lay there facedown in the dark with the fan desperately working to make the room livable. I was hot and thirsty and felt like I was awake. Contemplating forcing myself up to go downstairs and raid the Brita, I realized that there were sentences and phrases coming to me – no, falling on me. One after another they spilled onto my shoulders and back, letters and words bouncing away in flashes of bright blue, splashes of color that formed geometric shapes, arcane symbols, nonsensical fireworks. Close up of a drop hitting an pool again and again and again. Words hung in the air above me and I knew that what they said was important but I couldn’t bring myself to understand or to write them down. Now it's all gone and it's because I had to get up to get a glass of water.

Have I mentioned how good Poe's Haunted is? "... while you were busy destroying my life, what was half in me has become whole."

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