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Dear world, I'm pleased to meet you

The headphones go on, and with a judicial choice of media and clever press of a button – clever monkey – I conjure an entirely new world. Eyes close and the music washes over me and there’s nothing left of the train, the bus stop, the road. Even on mornings like this one – quick to wake up launch out the door – where I throw on clothes and walk to the train, with the headphones on the world takes a whole new reality. Surreality even. With a good deal of the ambient sound washed away and Poe’s sexy, plaintive vocals or Cake’s Herb Alpert interpretations of disco era tunes or the self-conscious frat funk of the Chili Peppers taking turns being the in-house orchestra for my head, everything takes on a whole different cast. I notice and ignore different things than I would otherwise in my helmet of sound.

I'm usually surprised what I find when I remove it.

One of these days, I’m gonna get hit by a bus while obsessing over the crescendo of a piece that’s playing. Am I scared? A thousand times no! I just wonder if it would feel any different.

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