Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

I'd be delicious!

I finally let myself fall asleep last night around 1AM, after convincing myself that I wasn't going to wake up at the ten hour mark to find a burnt smoky mess waiting for me. Not sure how that would happen given the super low temperatures and sheer volume, but I do tend to veer into doomsday predictions from time to time.

Due to a sad miscalculation, ten hours had me up at 5:30AM to fuss with duck legs and hot fat. Turns out that the most complicated part of this whole project was figuring out vessels in which to store the finished confit. Ruhlman & Polcyn recommend an earthenware crock to keep light out, but the one I have is an enormous affair that's intended for pickles and the like, and I wanted to be able to pack two to a container so I didn't necessarily have to deal with all four legs when I finally broke the seal. I've seen legs packed in canning jars, but the jar I have that's most suited is currently home to preserved lemons. I'm pretty sure I spent more time walking around the kitchen trying to decide what to do than I did finally packaging the duck. I opted for one small casserole which was not quite deep enough and one larger tupperware container.

When in doubt, go food-grade plastic.

Sometime relatively soon, two of the legs will be shredded and made into a rillette. (Strangely, I do have a perfect little crock for that). The other two I plan to let sit for a month or so to sufficiently mellow. From there, they'll either end up browned and on a plate with frisee and roasted potatoes, or I'll do something a little crazy like confit poutine. I can't just let Duck Fat have all the fun.

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