Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Methuselah Speaketh

20 years ago (age 13)
1. I was at a parochial school and pretty firmly entrenched as one of the “brains” in my class.

2. I watched Starblazers religiously because the fate of the earth truly rode in the hands of the crew of the Yamato.

3. My only real social outlet was a group of people I met at the roller rink who didn’t have a lot of preconceptions about me.

4. I had my first experiences with mysterious parts of female human anatomy.

5. I was witness to my parents’ very messy and occasionally violent divorce.

10 years ago (age 23)
1. I left my job as a closing manager at Brooks to take the temp assignment at DPH that eventually led to my current position.

2. I dated two women in a row whom I later discovered were pros. I started annual HIV screenings shortly thereafter.

3. I was still actively freaking out because I utterly failed to complete my senior honors thesis and didn’t get my BA. (This was remedied later.)

4. I had an irreconcilable break with the neo-pagan community over such radical philosophical concepts as “ethics” and “reality.”

5. I did my first redoublement and passe soto at The Fencing Academy of Watertown.

5 years ago (age 28)
1. I was leading soft-form classes at my kung fu school and started looking like a tank.

2. I was still trying to get past having Michelle dump me unceremoniously for a guy who was more “fun” and then losing two close friends over a misunderstanding.

3. Closely related to and probably spawned by #2, I was having great sex with a woman who, while hopelessly damaged herself, deserved far better than I was able to give.

4. I was seriously considering an advanced degree in archeology with eyes on a career in historical restoration.

5. I was screwed up enough that I decided to find my way into therapy.

1 year ago (age 32)
1. I was hit with the second phase of a legal issue that utterly shattered my world. (By comparison, losing Michelle was a walk in the park.)

2. I managed to botch my first opportunity in years for advancement. A young woman who had previously worked for the governor eventually was chosen to fill the position. She’s now my boss.

3. I watched The Drew Carey Show religiously, because the fate of the earth truly did ride in the hands of Drew and the gang.

4. In spite of my troubles, I found that my friends didn’t scatter to the winds and were instead interested and supportive. This still blows my mind.

5. I decided that suicide is just too freakin’ selfish to warrant serious contemplation.

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