Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows


Two things came out of smoking the bacon last night:

1) I really need to start timing bacon cures so that I'm smoking on a weekend or a free day. Two hours by flashlight isn't ideal, and as I get sleepy, I start making mistakes. Last night's were to over-stoke the second stage of the fire and leave the meat smoking for about 15 minutes longer than it needed to. Nothing dire, but the meat got cooked a little more than it needed.

2) I think the salt/sugar ratios and time in the drink need to be revisited, at least for some of the cures I've been experimenting with. The petit sale has twice come out really salty, which is great for BLTs and the like, but can be a bit bracing when used as rashers with breakfast.

Half of the salmon got a short smoke (20 minutes or so) over a hot hardwood fire spiked with corn cobs. With such a short time, the salmon ends up cooked more to a medium rare, remaining tender and buttery while still picking up a lot of character from the smoke. It's a nice departure from the raw cure since the herb mellowed a lot, and it should be fun trying them side by side.

V was all cooky last night as well. Our house smelled like stuff.

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