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February 13, 2002
Had a mildly inauspicious start to my first ‘day of the change.’ Ended getting up late thanks to a long final session for Uruz’s game that left me wired enough to stay up until 2AM. My schedule says no gym for me today, though I have every intent on walking around the parks just for the sake of. Probably play Rings tonight, but I’ll probably leave early enough that I can get some groceries and still get to bed at a reasonable hour. Spirits are high for some reason and I haven’t fallen to thinking that my goals are in any way inaccessible.

The ending of the Akayama arc left me floored. Leaving aside the fact that it was first rpg in which I’ve been involved in some time (I think the last game that wasn’t just a short-lived curiosity was J’s early modern game that dissolved when one of the players died…), I think I’m stumbling a little over my part in the story. My history with rpgs has always been as one of the supporting characters. I’m usually content to play a quirky character who is decidedly not larger than life. I’m not exactly a glory hound and I’ve seen too many groups ripped apart because there’s too many people in the party who want to be the hero. Strange and unlikely, then, that my itinerant scholar/warrior would rise to become the daimyo of his family. Stranger still that he would be the one to make the “ultimate sacrifice” and be granted minor fortune status for it.

U hinted a couple of times (mostly when I was being remiss and missing games) that parts of the story were built around my character, but I guess that never really struck me until last night. Hell, in story, I was prepared to give the swords and that destiny to Tsucho’s sister and Masumori with the idea that I would return to my anonymous wanderings after the seal had been closed. I just don’t think in terms of grand gestures and great destinies. Hachiro was discomfited through most of last night’s story because I was as well.

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