Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Cucurbitacins, a Series of Tubes & IC:PR

So, you know how you occasionally slice open a beautiful cucumber only to find that its cool, sweet flesh has an inexplicable bitter taste that's a little like licking the inside of an old tailpipe you found in a roadside snow drift? That's got nothing on a kabocha squash afflicted with the same problem.

The plan was to use one for a mock-Thai vegetable curry. As I was prepping it, I popped a cube in my mouth just to get an idea of its taste and texture, and I realized as soon as it hit my tongue that it was just wrong. I got pretty much the same results after having roasted it for 30 minutes thinking that I might get some of the starches to convert to sugars, and then pretty much gave up. Trouble was, those two bites had so wrecked my palate that I could not taste anything else but the bitter for the rest of the day. Constructing a curry on sight and feel is nerve-wracking.


In other news, I've completed the first steps for a batch of calvados and sage pork sausage. I had originally planned on using wine, but decided on the brandy at the last minute because it seemed more compelling. The cubed meat has been marinating since last night, and at some point tonight I'll grind it and stuff some casings. I'm currently soliciting ideas for the resulting eight feet of links. You're on notice.


Iron Chef will, in fact, be occurring on November 15th. Our current line-up will be:

Head Table: Diana, Meg, Mike & Ry
Competitors: Cynthia, Justin, Nora, Noah, (possibly) V & two Fletcher School students

If you want either in or out, please let me know as soon as possible. We'll be using the IC:A scoring we experimented with at the last event, and per usual, you will be competing for the right be be bugged by me to defend your title some months down the road. The theme (ingredient this time) will be announced on the morning of November 1, so please watch this space. Guidance for judges will follow in a private email.

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