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Tales of our exploits

Gah, but I’m tired today. Last night, the $6 that was left in my wallet somehow transformed into a multi-establishment pursuit of pints. Though I would have been content with a quiet evening at home, c_m_i pronounced that we were going to get beer and by the power he wielded because of his newly received paycheck, his will was made manifest. I probably could have done without the raspy throat and lingering scent of cigarettes that greeted me this morning, but overall it was a good evening.

Sadly, spitcurl girl was nowhere to be found. Instead, a band with a lead singer who talked like an over-stimulated pop-radio dj (think of JW's, "It’s 5:05 in... the AM...") was in the back room of the Burren covering tunes from days of yore (well, the mid-70’s...) "Purty Little Love Song" eventually drove us to the front of the bar where the musicians’ table was in use and a horde of college students had replaced the crush of firefighters from the night before. I the think the timbre of our conversation changed along with the setting and the music. While we had talked of much geekery before the "man in the box" and his band hit the stage, our talk in the front room strayed to things like our collective friends and how I’ve been accepted into the group.

Side note to that thought... It always strikes me how very different my perception can be from my reality. It also strikes me that Drew is often a good person to go to for an appropriate perspective shift.

And besides, he bought me Guinness, so he officially rocks.

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