Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

My bread, let me show you it

If you recall, since early February I've been playing with a sourdough starter a friend gave me for my birthday, roughly trying to approximate Peter Reinhart's method from The Bread Baker's Apprentice. In this bread making restart, the results have been consistently tasty even as some of the characteristics have changed. Edible down, I started tackling refinements.

This was the boule from my first go. Note the uneven browning on the crust and the slight misshape of the loaf. The slashing just barely opened up.

This was a boule I baked last night. I still don't have the crazy grigne that folks seem to oh and ah over in The Fresh Loaf forums, but it's more consistent all around.

I apologize for the grainy bberry shots. If I have a chance, I'll upload proper photos from home sometime later.

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