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Iron Chef - April 17th Theme

I'm struggling for some pithy intro for our ingredient, but in my addled state, I don't have the tongue for it. Suffice to say that this months theme has often been used as a symbol of spring and of life. One might even say that there is a whole world contained within...

This month's theme is:


Competitors will have one plate to share their vision with the judges. Per usual:

The majority of the preparation must be done off-site. The kitchen at Chez Gravlax lacks sufficient counter space and equipment support six people working from scratch. Plating and final heating prep will be accommodated within reason.

Competitors are responsible for their own ingredients and equipment. Dishes should be prepared with the assumption that there will be modest tasting portions for up to ten people (i.e. 4 judges and 4-6 competing chefs). I'll have munchies (and possibly a soup or stew) kicking around for spectators in case there isn't a lot of spillover. I anticipate that there will be a lot of food, so don't feel like you need to double recipes.

Once you've an idea, please run it by me. It's not normally an issue, but I'd like to try to keep repetition to a minimum.

There are some food restrictions. We have...

"I'ma DIE!" (Allergy)- mango

"Too squicky for to eat" (these probably don't need to be said) -
embryonic egg, fermented shark, the still beating heart of a cobra, etc.

"Please, no" (Acceptable, but not favorites) - brains, sweetbreads, stinky cheese (bleus named, but I'm assuming that these include various washed rind cheeses as well)

Have fun. This one's self-explanatory.

We're scheduled for go on April 17. We'll have the house open between 12-1 for any prep work you might need. First plating will be promptly at 2PM and will continue until we've run through our lineup. If you have any questions, post here or drop an email.

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