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While I was out, I found not one, but two(!) of the little car-antenna flags lying on the street all frayed and on broken sticks and it just honked me off. They just served to remind me of all of the problems I've had with the ubiquitous flag-raising that's gone on since 9/11. Dont get me wrong, I don't begrudge folks their sudden national pride and new-found patriotism, but I do think people should learn how to fly a flag right if they're planning on doing it at all.

Some basics of flag etiquette that used to be taught to every grade school kid: Do not fly it in the rain; Do not fly it at night unless there is a dedicated light shining on it; Do not continue to fly it after it has become tattered unless the damage was as the result of a battle; Do not drape the flag over anything that is not a casket; And above all, don't leave it in the freakin' gutter!

While I'm griping, what is with the guys that work on my floor and their seeming incapability to hit a toilet? I know from personal experience that mens' plumbing is accurate enough to carve some semblance of one's name in snow, so there should be no reason why the floors in the restroom are drenched in urine. At least try to hit the bowl. It's a big target, and if it's that much of a problem, sit yo' honkey asses down. I'm sick of wading through your bodily waste.

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