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"Iron Morty" brings you Grog - A little less than a happy high — LiveJournal
"Iron Morty" brings you Grog
In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day..."

Admiral Sir Edward Vernon, nicknamed "Old Grog" because his cloak was made of grogram, a coarse material, was returning from the Caribbean in 1740. He decided to water down the crew's rum rations in order to improve efficiency. The result was named Grog. By 1795, lemon juice was added to fight against scurvy. By 1850, lime was more commonly used. Other elements were added, but the original recipe was always 1 part strong rum to three parts water.

INGREDIENTS: Dark rum - 50 ml (2 fl oz), Water - 50 ml (2 fl oz) Lime juice - 1 tbsp, Brown sugar or honey - 1 tsp, Cloves - 2, Cinnamon stick - 1 small

COOKING: 1. Gently heat all the ingredients in a small saucepan until the sugar has dissolved.
2. Strain into a heat-proof cup. Makes 1 small cup.
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clayrobeson From: clayrobeson Date: September 19th, 2002 08:34 am (UTC) (Link)
When I was at the Embassy Thanksgiving thing last year in Nepal, my friend Sarah and I made Grog as our donation to the cause.

I'll find the recipie, but it was just Spiced Rum, Water and Fresh Squeezed Limes.

It went faster than anything else. :)
komos From: komos Date: September 19th, 2002 11:50 am (UTC) (Link)
Cool, let me know if you find it.

It staves off scurvy, doncha know...
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