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When the same patterns in your relationships with other people repeat themselves over and over again, there comes a point where you need to stop blaming others and start considering that the one constant in all of these interactions is you.

Assumed entitlement is little more than an expression of fear and rage that would otherwise be repressed. It is a rather comfortable stance because in claiming that your inalienable priviledge is being violated, you excuse yourself from responsibility for expressing that fear and rage. Sadly, that comfort is illusory at best, because it does nothing to actually address those feelings.

As a corollary this, such entitlement rarely has any basis in reality. The social contract(s) under which you live provide certain basic rights, but those rights are relatively limited in scope. While it is true that you have a right to raise your voice in anger, it is incorrect to assume that doing so requires others not do the same in return and simply to bend to your will. If you are not the head of an oppressive regime, the only time tyrannical behavior is tolerated is when you are an infant.

If you expect to have "adult" or "mature" relationships with your peers, you need to learn to conduct yourself as a "mature adult." Convincing yourself that you are more developed and enlightened and then engaging in the same petty behavior that saw you through high school is not acting like a "mature adult." Adults get angry with one another and then talk things out. Adults do not hint at being pissed off disappointed and then make themselves unavailable to the other party for fear that their claims of moral high ground may be a little shaky. Relationships have give and take.

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