Kid just loves him some cows (komos) wrote,
Kid just loves him some cows

Humbled before the spirits

This weekend, I volunteered to work at Oktoberfest as hosted by the Boston Beer Summit and Spaten at the Park Plaza Castle. I toted heavy things. I drank too much. I had a hangover the next day. It’s funny, I remember coming home on Saturday thinking that I would have to relate all of the things that went on over the course of the evening, but I was in no condition to write then. Instead, I responded to a couple of e-mails when I got home, one of which never reached its destination, the other was barely readable. I thought both were hysterically funny at the time because I was having such a hard time hitting the right keys as I typed.

In the aftermath, I’ve found it a little difficult to remember what I thought was so important to relate. Now, weird things are kicking around in my head, replacing memories of fun and funny things that happened. I’ve been nursing a bit of post-inebriation guilt, mostly circulating around the idea that somehow I didn’t do enough and Josh won’t me as a volunteer next time around. I’m also a little worried about relating stories about not being fully in control, courtesy of my overdeveloped sense of propriety.

Today's not the best day to record a night in which I probably repeatedly embarrassed myself, though. I'm down, I'm feeling lonely for some reason, and I'm also well into the partly cloudy mood that strikes me whenever I come off the tail end of a stressful project.

Update: In the end, I did write the tale of my debauchery. It's posted below as a friends only entry, and then only because wisdom_seeker asked nicely. Her curiosity benefits all.

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