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On Wu Ching and Pak Hok Pai

I've gotten word that the White Crane school I used to go to is probably going to be shutting down in the near future. The rent for their space is going up to $1500/month, and where the previous overhead was troublesome, this is just oppressive.

It's really problematic to me that Sifu Wu is being driven out of business partly because he's never been willing to do the highly commercialized franchise student mill. Instead, he tried to maintain the character of the schools that he trained at and to give his students a sense of family. He also tried to serve as a resource to the community, providing traditional medicinal treatments and a center for all manner of activity surrounding Chinese culture and heritage. He succeeded on all counts, but in the process, he managed to work with too small a number of students and collected too little in the way of fees to meet to pressures of this real estate market gone mad.

On a more personal level, I'm kicking myself because the inevitable has happened. There was this amazing opportunity that I managed to squander because I was too busy wrangling with the Big D. Had I been devotedly studying over the past several years, I'd be fit, I'd move like a fighter, and I'd have a working knowledge of a beautiful and esoteric style of kung fu. I'd have accomplished something, and even if I hadn't managed a mastery of the art, I'd at least be able to claim that I learned everything I could learn from this man from Taishan.

I'm frankly really disappointed in myself.

The school can stay open if they can figure out a way to secure nearly $20,000 of funding per year. The truly sad irony is that that's about the same amount that I'm required to give elsewhere.

me: Bet you didn't think it was quite that much...

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