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This morning was simply perfect for Royal Crown Revue. I was singing bits of The Contender in the shower, so I decided pretty early that that would be the disk that would see me through the day. CD player out, disk loaded and out the door. In spite of the rain, I decided to walk to Davis, and once the headphones went on, I knew that I had stumbled onto something special. The Contender put a swagger in my step. Walkin’ Like Brando and Zip Gun Bop had me grinning like an idiot. By the time I hit the bop-ified euphemisms of Friday the 13th, I was laughing out loud and all but dancing up Tuft's hill.

I must have been a sight - crazy guy in the rain nursing fantasies of black and white wing tips and sharkskin suits. Wish I could blow horn or play standing base. I’d be hep.

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