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Medial Axis Transformation?

Japanese scientists believe that they have uncoded the reasons why visitors are so profoundly affected by the Ryoanji Temple garden in Kyoto. It seems that the garden is a deliberate minimalist depiction of a branching tree, an image that is naturally pleasing to our subconscious.


Sometimes, I think we were far better off as superstitious monkeys. It seems that it's not enough for us to simply experience any longer. We must tear apart, analyze, and ultimately, demystify. Tell me though, even if science is able to explain why it rains, can it make sense of why sometimes the rain makes me want to laugh out loud, and others it places me in a mood darker than the clouds overhead? Yeah, you're right... it's probably coming.

Where is the poetry, damn it? Or is an explanation why poetry affects us coming next?

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