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Red Meat and a Jolly Roger

There's a waitress at Redbones who has John "Calico Jack" Rackham's Jolly Roger tattooed to the back of her neck. I suspect that her choice of those particular colors has something to do with Rackham's connection to Anne Bonny and Mary Read, but I didn't get a chance to ask her. Whether her devotion is to the gentleman or to the ladies, I do think it's an excellent choice for ink. I mean, c'mon... How can you go wrong with pirates?

Truth be known, since it was something of a slow night, I did spend a fair amount of time talking to her about the beer they have on tap and why it is that people were willing to wait upwards of two hours to get a table at a rib joint. So yeah, she's cool, and I think she's made my list of other amenities that make Redbones so enjoyable an experience:

1) Primal meat
2) The famed Wheel of Beer
3) The weekend bartendress
4) Free bicycle valet
5) No wait for seats at the counter (Shhh... Don't tell anyone!)

Go already!

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