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I dreamt last night that I was the caretaker of an enormous turn of the century manse. It was unclear what my duties were, but I had a sense of the place, a deep understanding that comes only through long-time intimacy. Still it remained foreign and overwhelming to me. It was like home, but a gross exaggeration of what one would expect of such a place.

There were four men living there who I don’t recall speaking during the entire dream. They all appeared middle-aged, but I knew that they had somehow slowed or arrested their aging at a terrible cost. In reality, they were ancient beyond my comprehension but remained childish and capricious. The price they paid was that of experience. They were unable to leave the grounds of the estate except through a kind of astral projection which was limited in range and allowed them to be no more than witnesses to life beyond the walls surrounding this place.

There was evidence of their “haunting” which appeared in photographs taken in a nearby town. A young woman who had taken one such shot sought to understand why the spirits of these men were so unquiet. She came to visit us, and it was left to me to give her the grand tour. We talked for a long time as we walked the grounds about what my role was, how I came to be in their service, and what it was like being in this place. Eventually we returned to the grand entrance hallway and she looked all about her, marveling over the expansiveness. She said, "I can’t understand how anyone could not be happy living here."

I pointed upwards to a construct that resembled an enormous cube that had been placed out of place into the ceiling of the room*. For some reason, I didn’t need to explain that this was some kind of bell, or that it was its power that kept these men young and trapped and restless. From the corner of my eye, I saw the four shuffling about behind our guest, and said only, "Ah, but would you give up being able to leave to have it?"

She understood.

*It looked a little like something Frank Gehry might have created with his whole "rip space apart and rebuild it in unexpected ways" idea... I don’t like his work. At all.

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