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...and I can do anything!

I arrived late to my meeting with my special friend yesterday. I was late enough that I found I was muttering to myself in the elevator on the way up. I don’t like to rush. I especially don’t like to rush when circumstances are beyond my control. The T had been late and it was crowded to capacity.

I don’t much like the crush of people either.

I hurried into her office, catching a glance at the clock. Ten minutes. Time to come up with an explanation that will satisfy her enough to avoid the question, "Is there a reason why you don’t want to be here?" I walk in, smile, and say simply, "Sorry, my train was late, slow, and full."

Her light went out.

Now, the light is one of those halogen floor lamps, and I’ve never actually seen one burn out. The next thing out of my mouth was formed by surprise and amusement. "I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before."

E... went to the lamp and seemed puzzled. She cranked the switch a few times. Off. On. Off. On. "That’s odd. I just changed the bulb, too." She paused, smiled. "Say that again."

"What? My train was late, slow and full?"

Off. On. Off. On. "No, that didn’t work. I don’t know how you did that, but it seems like its gone." She laughed. I really like it when she laughs.

"Gee, E..., I’m really sorry I broke your light."

She laughed some more as she walked across the room and took her habitual seat. "It’s funny that you’re so willing to take responsibility for it."

"Are you kidding?" I’m laughing now, too. "I get to lay claim to a super power. I can go home."

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