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The Spitball of Buddha

When I first got my lj account, I explained my username in my bio section. I did this not because I thought I needed to, but because I couldn’t think of anything better different to put there. Paul asked me why I chose the name and then proceeded to laugh at me for being hopelessly obscure when I told him where it came from*. In my defense, I did try several other usernames that struck me and found that they were all in use. Since I was more interested in starting to write again rather than putting a clever username out into netspace, I dug as far as was necessary into the odd factoids stuck in my brain to come up with something not in use and somewhat relevant. Komos I became.

‘Course, Now that I’m thinking about it, zencrossword would have been fun.

* For those of you don’t know, komos is a reference to Greek tragedy, being the part of the play wherein the protagonist and the chorus exchange laments. It seemed appropriate given the nature of the lj community…

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