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"Get More From Life"

I caught one of the commercials for VoiceStream/T-Mobile International last night featuring The Zeta-Jones. In keeping with their whole "get more from life" push(?), they show and a young man who calls his bud while in line at a bank and ends up listening to the sound effects of a kung fu flick to pass time. All I could think was how ridiculous it is that we have become incapable of exchanging pleasantries with strangers either through fear or embarrassment, but have no reservations whatsoever in having discussions with people who are not present in the company of those very same strangers. It's just more isolation, cleverly hidden in the guise of communication and convenience.

It used to be that when you passed someone on the street having a conversation with someone who wasn’t there, it was safe to assume that they were deranged. Maybe it’s still the case. I’ve been struck lately while the people who are busy chatting away at their phones pass by just how little they are present. They are moving and taking up space, but somehow they are not entirely there. Like ghosts, they pass through the world, obsessed with their own being and taking little or no notice of the world as it is. There’s no point. Remember, you are a self-contained unit, appropriately accessorized to provide convenient distractions and instantaneous fulfillment of needs.

How the detachment and isolation is considered getting more from life remains a mystery to me. Color me Luddite.

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