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I went to the dentist today* for a refit on an old filling. The bad? There was a touch of decay underneath the old fixture, which I'm almost certain was one of the ones I got when I got to be a licensure exam at Tuft's Dental. The good? The problem got caught early enough that it really wasn't a big issue.**

Despite growing up with one in the family, a trip to the dentist usually freaks me out. I don't like not being able to feel parts of my face for extended amounts of time, and the sounds the various tools make always seem to suggest some major construction going on in a space that's smaller than my fist. The freaking out is only partly mitigated by the fact that my dentist is very cute. (Hey, I take joy where I can find it...)

In other news, I got a postcard from Singapore in today's mail, and it pretty much made my day. It's funny that I still take the greatest pleasure in the smallest things, and proper surface mail that isn't a bill or an advertisement brings a smile to my face every time. Thanks Shasta. I'll be sharing it with S when next she's in town.

*Yes, this is why I had some time during the day today to post here.
**And, there's a new hunk of metal in my head.

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