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Planet Starbucks

I saw this in Starbucks this morning, accompanied by a little sign that spoke of “Starbuck’s commitment to origins.” It is their contention that the farmers who grow the beans that are used for this blend are “guaranteed a fair price for their harvest.”


I stood looking at the pale, earth-toned bag nestled in with all the brightly foiled bags of blue and red sporting names calculated to convey the exoticism of the morning draught of choice. French Roast. Gold Coast. Kenya. Sumatra. Mild and bold blends filling the space on the shelves, each a seeming play on our need for adventure. A safari for our mouths, perhaps. There is only one in the whole array that guarantees farmers “a fair price for their harvest.” I’m thinking that it’s safe to assume that the others do not.

The Christmas Blend’s on me, folks.

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