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Yellow peppers are the source of my power!

Taking a store-bought pound cake and cutting it into a desert that looks like french-fries does not make your "cooking" surreal. Nor, for that matter, does smothering the wild-cut salmon you ruined with dishwasher poaching in a heavy green jalapeno/dill sauce so your diners can’t see the damage you wrought. Copping a feel of your cute assistant (who really was the show’s best asset) on camera does kind of confirm that underneath your goofy exterior you’re just a creep, but at least that was genuine. Note to self: Stop staring at the cute Irish woman's breasts...

Now, turning a bank of three old school lockers into a cold smoker? That is utter brilliance. Mr. Brown, I want to be your assistant even though I get the sense that you’re probably a bear to work for. Teach me the ways of the Force.

I’ve also decided that Takeshi Kaga’s character is really just an anime villain who has somehow found a way to manifest in the physical realm. Thankfully, he has become so obsessed with worldly pleasures that he has been distracted from bringing his army of flying ninjas and demon sex lovers into our reality.

Update: Now with all new links!

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