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Kid just loves him some cows

Hong Kong Action Breakfast

What’s This?
HKAB has an august history that began all of a few months ago. In its original conception, it was kind of a "boys day in," providing me with a convenient excuse to cook breakfast foods and then sit and watch cheesy HKAT films (the more unlikely the wire fighting, the better) in the company of friends. So far, any given gathering has involved no more than a handful of people, though it was through such unlikely beginnings that I developed my "waffle-iron fist" and "made-to-order omelet technique."

This weekend will be the first time that HKAB moves into the open.

My Crazy Plan
I will open up the house this Saturday at about 11AM, after which all of you are welcome to drift in and out at your leisure. I will have coffee brewing, OJ in the fridge, and the makings for pancakes or waffles. If you want to add to this whether because there is something you have a yen for or just because you think that it angers the gods when bacon is not served with breakfast, drop me a line and we can discuss additions to the menu.

I have an odd assortment of HKAT (including the much malignedsuper funny Duel to the Death) which will be the default entertainment for the afternoon. If I can get a volunteer to bring other selections, we may get to see Heroic Trio, Zhu Warriors or something equally as fanciful.

If you think you want to join in the mayhem let me know. I’ll post folks with logistics once I get an idea of who might be coming.

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