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No barley wine for me

I got a flu shot yesterday and it is seriously kicking me to the curb. I’ve been fortunate today in that I’ve had to do nothing more complicated than crunching numbers. I’ve otherwise been relatively useless. Unfortunately, I was supposed to get together with clayrobeson to find a recipe for his next brewing project. There was talk of cracking open some of the product of the last such endeavor, and that’s almost enough to convince me to fight my very strong urge to stumble home and crawl into bed. Almost.

Let’s just say that if this is just enough to get me to develop antibodies, I really would rather not get the full-blown ailment. Discretion will once again be considered the better part of valor. I’m going to keep with my promise to myself to pay closer attention to what my body is trying to tell me.

I need to lie low and not tamper with my immune system with the intake of drink.

Well, not tonight anyway.

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