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You know, I’ve started writing something to post here every day since last Tuesday. For all of my effort, nothing’s come together. Either I couldn’t focus my mind long enough to come up with something coherent, or my incoherent ramblings just didn’t seem valuable enough to share. I have all of these fragments now. Bits and pieces of disjointed thought. Just words, mostly, words that fail to convey the ideas and the feelings that were originally behind them. I think I've even deleted one or two accidentally. And, since I just don’t know that I’m in the right space to revisit earlier writings with the intent of reshaping them, I'm really not that disappointed.

This will be another fragment.

In case you were wondering, I sequestered myself over the weekend. The original plan was to head up to Maine to spend some time with my folks. (I haven’t seen them for several months, and have started to feel a little guilty over not seeing to filial obligations.) The threat of inclement weather and a lack of motivation inspired by my latest cold, however, saw that idea fall through. Instead, I holed up in my apartment and took some time for myself.

Truth be known, the time was sorely needed. Outside demands have been taking up a lot of time and energy of late, and I’ve been hard pressed to keep up with them all. I’ve been veering dangerously close to a renewed fear of life being out of balance.

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