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HKAB Redux

By popular request, this Sunday will mark another offering of Hong Kong Action Breakfast at my place. Like the last, this will be a fairly informal affair. My doors will be open at 10-ish, and folks are welcome to drift in and out as suits them throughout the afternoon. I suspect the first film will be in the VCR (yes, I'm low-tech) by noon. We don't yet have a movie selected, but I think I will attempt to find Shaolin Soccer.

Per usual, I will thrill with my waffle-iron fist and may even indulge in the artery-hardening fury of sausage and biscuits. For later in the day, I will have some Stone Cat E.S.B. and possibly something more esoteric for sampling. As always, additions to the larder in the form of food or drink are welcome.

If you think you might want to come or have a suggestion for a film, please drop me a line by Friday or so.

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