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Another for the Hive

I shared information about the grand experiment with my special friend, and she expressed interest. In fact, she was intrigued enough to jump up, run over to her desk, and pull out her jar of Trader Joe’s mesquite honey to ask if that would be ok. I had no idea. Mesquite to me is a type of wood that gives barbecued meat a sweet, sweet taste, and I have no concept of it as a flowering tree or bush. So anyway, she’s in. It was a combination of the idea of layman’s science, a passing interest in folk remedies, and an underlying fascination with bee keeping that hooked her.

One of the nice things about having a psychologist in the mix is that some of my assumptions can be confirmed. We talked a little yesterday about the placebo effect. Not intending to involve her in my madness, I shared most of what Buehner wrote about honey, and expressed some concern that I was simply manifesting those effects because I had read that it should work that way. A placebo effect, she said, is not insignificant. After learning how long I had been following the dosage, she said that if the effects I’ve noticed were really attributable to suggestion alone, I’d probably start noticing a change about now.


I’ll have to get back to you on this one. More later.

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