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That ain’t my grand-daddy’s beer*

Last night, clayrobeson and I bottled the mugwort ale we’ve had fermenting for the past couple of weeks. After nearly breaking the glass carboy against his bedframe ("Wake up my little yeasties!") and otherwise dealing with the usual chaos that accompanies a brewing project (in this episode, our heroes discover that they are 23 bottles short of what they need), we got everything bottled up and into the dark, dark place. Two weeks from now, we can crack one to see what we have wrought.

I love the mad scientist feel to all of this.

I’m not yet at a point where I can guess what a beer will be like just by tasting the wort (I’m not even sure "wort" is the right word to use at that stage of the process), but we did sample. It was nothing like what I expected from the very short ingredient list. There are at least four stages to the flavor, with varying degrees of fruit and bitter as it rolls along your palate. The mugwort lends something of a slightly sour taste throughout (I was reminded a little of evergreen), and leaves a faint aftertaste that had me curious for more. I’ll be interested to see what this tastes like after it carbonates, but right now it reminds me more of a light aperitif than the earthy beer I was expecting.

Shows what I know.

Tonight is the great barleywine tasting at Downtown Wine and Spirits. That is all. Return to your games and fun.

*When he used to drink, he used to drink what the Sunset fancifully calls "Retro" beers, occasionally mixed with Kool-Aid (No, I don’t get it either...)

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