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I'll probably miss the cute barristas

I’m not sure when it was, but at some point I decided I really liked Earl Grey tea. The sweet, heady aroma of the bergamot seems the perfect foil to the native bitterness of the black tea. Better, it blends effortlessly with just a touch of honey. The resulting brew is happy with or without milk. I go without.

It takes three to five minutes to steep. Three to five minutes to wait before I have a comforting and luxurious drink that seems every bit as decadent as the most fruity coffee drink that Starbucks can come up with. Keep your "double half-caf venti soy caramel machiato*." I have bee balm in my tea... and an extra $3.50 in my pocket.

*Truthfully, my weakness at Starbucks is the "grande vanilla latte," but I have heard that exact order a little too often. My truest coffee drink is café au lait, but I want it in an enormous cup with a full afternoon to savor it over an Umberto Eco novel**.

**It's all probably a substitute for sex, anyway.

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