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Yin and Yang

[Scene: Three friends stand on a T platform. He takes a leisurely fake swing at me. I redirect the strike down and away and simultaneously mock counter to his head. She just watches.]

He: I forgot you were a ninja.

Me: (embarrassed) I’m not a ninja.

He: Oh, right… what do they call them in China?

She: Ninjas.

The April edition of HKAB is slated for Sunday, April 13th. This should give me ample time to get my house in order and provides a little more lead-time for folks who actually need to plan ahead. (You and your accursed social lives.) As usual, my doors will open at 10AM, and folks are welcome to drift in and out at their leisure. I know I’ve already promised a couple of you directions, and those are forthcoming. Anyone else, just ask.

In honor of the upcoming Tour de Chambly, the main breakfast choice will be French toast served with genuine "grade B" maple syrup, and if I get ambitious, I may whip up some crêpes. As always, other options will be available should these not be to your liking. I’m also going to try to have a selection of fresh fruit and sexy French cheeses to munch on. Any contributions of food or libations will be graciously welcomed, but are not expected. (If you do want to bring something, let me know beforehand so we don’t end up with sixty eggs and nothing else.)

And since there have been some questions about what it is that I’m trying to accomplish with these events, I will shortly reveal my secret techniques in an HKAB Manifesto.

Update Query: Would we be better served by scheduling a week ahead of time (Sunday, April 6) or a week later (Sunday, April 20)? Let me know what you think.

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